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us lacrosse coach development

The US Lacrosse Coach Development Program is the surest way to access everything you need to know to be a great lacrosse coach. Learn the art of effective lacrosse coaching with this nationally-recognized program designed by experts within the field.

USA coaching education development

The U.S. Soccer Coaching Department was established in the early 1970s by famed West German teacher and coach, Dettmar Cramer. Each level of the U.S. Soccer Coaching License Pathway is designed to meet the needs of coaches ranging from the coach who is inexperienced in soccer to the former professional player who desires to coach in amateur, professional or international competitions.

The U.S. Soccer coaching curriculum is designed to improve the development of players in the organized player base in the United States, concentrating on creating more organized, age-appropriate training sessions, developing coaching practices and creating an environment that is fun for the players.

strive how you lead matters

It is time for you, an athletic-program leader, to step out of your daily routine and focus on individualized program improvement.

Whether you spend three days at an institute or one and a half immersive days at a summit, you’ll work with peers and seasoned facilitators and come away with action plans for your team.


Join Strive: How You Lead Matters in the new 76ers fieldhouse from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm on Saturday, April 6, 2019 to address some of the complex problems facing high school athletic teams. Spend the day with like-minded high school coaches who are committed to developing their own leadership strategies and have the opportunity to practice new tools to effectively lead, motivate, and mentor high school student-athletes. You will leave this summit with an action plan on how you can immediately incorporate character-driven leadership and intentional culture creation within your program and sport.