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Goran Murray-

"My goal is to have every kid embrace the atmosphere of head to head competition, while leaving camp with the necessary tools and techniques to help improve their own skill set. Every defenseman is different and not everyone can play the same way, so I will be implementing personalized techniques to help individuals improve. There will be an emphasis on footwork, field positioning, communication, and stick work as I plan to revitalizes their view on the amount of grit and effort it takes to be an elite defenseman."

Niko Amato-

"Before every goalie steps in the cage, I believe they need to understand the position they play and accept the challenges that come with playing goalie. As a goalie it is important to understand they should strive to play an imperfect position as perfectly as possible. It is much like playing Quarterback in football, or being the pitcher in baseball. Most goalies probably get too much blame after a loss, and conversely receive too much praise after a win. Being a goalie in my opinion is about consistent performance; having true inner confidence; being able to lead a team; and becoming an understanding friend to their teammates."


Boy's ELITE Pro Lacrosse Clinic:
Featuring Chaos Attackman Josh Byrne, Archers Defenseman Goran Murray, and Chesapeake Bayhawk Goalie Niko Amato

Coaches Josh Byrne, Niko Amato and  Goran Murray are focused on creating a competitive developmental clinic. The days will feature advanced positional techniques & stickwork as well as full fledged competition with constructive criticism. "We will provide intensive knowledge in playing the game of lacrosse at the highest level both indoor and outdoor. This will be unlike any experience you’ve had before at a lacrosse camp or clinic."


Hour 1: We will separate into positional groups using drills to implement technique and Lax IQ. We plan to have two groups a session with a total of 70, allowing 30 offensive guys( A/M) and 30 defenders and 10 goalies. This will allow a more personalized setting for your kids and us as coaches. Sunday's session will be 2hrs and with only 30 guys per position group, there will be continuous reps and critiquing. 


Hour 2: Compete At All Cost! Josh, Goran and Niko will take each group and compete as Team O vs Team D. The groups will use the techniques and IQ they learned  earlier in the day during live competition. 


If you have more than two children please feel free to reach out to Goran via email to discuss possible discounts. 


Sunday January 5th, 2020
8am-10am: Middle School
11am-1pm: High School


Age Groups: 
High School
7th-8th Grade

401 Garasches Lane
Wilmington, Delaware 19801

Every participant will receive a camp pinnie 
Offensive & defensive awards and Instagram Shout Outs
Opportunity to be ID'd for future invite only clinics 

Josh Byrne-

"My goal is to have every kid leave camp seeing lacrosse from a different angle and understand how to implement a box background into the field game through my experience. By Unlocking their creativity and instilling them with confidence, they will leave with a totally different skill set to help further their lacrosse capabilities. I will also look to introduce the brand of positionless lacrosse, meaning the ability to play either Attack or Midfield in an offensive scheme."