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Camps & Clinics

A Day at a Rippin' Rope Camp

8:45 am - Arrive each day on time; approximately 10-15 minutes early, get on your proper equipment (including Rippin' Rope reversible), begin to throw ball around, shoot, stretch on your own.

9:00 am - Camp meeting as group. Teaching points of emphasis discussed. Announcements are made, any questions and/or concerns can be brought up.

9:10 - Counselors lead camp stretch and footwork to get loose and heart rate going.

9:15 - Break up into station drills by age, skill level and/or gender. At least one staff member at each station. 6 stations usually for about 10 minutes each Ex. shooting, offensive moves around crease, "triple threat" drill, defensive footwork

9:45 - Water Break. August is hot!!!

9:50 - Resume/review station work.

11:00 - (mid-camp) Break for light snack inside the 76ers Fieldhouse. Guest speaker is potentially during this time.

11:25 - Camp contest for prize.

11:45 - Controlled games are divided by age and/or skill level.

12:55 - Camp huddle, re-state announcements. Hard Worker Award choice (not every day)

1:00 - End of camp. Make sure to pick up your belongings. Grab a coach for some extra work.


Meet the Director of Camps, Clinics and Showcases:

Pete Duncan

1. How long have you been involved in the Lacrosse scene? 

For over 30 years! I grew up in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey which was, and still is, a hotbed for lacrosse so I was exposed to high-level lacrosse through years of participation in a model town recreation program and, later, one of the top High School programs in the country. I am fortunate to have had some terrific coaches and mentors in high school and college who fueled my love for the sport. 

2. During your lacrosse involvement, What are some of your most proud moments?

I am most proud of the countless relationships with players and coaches that have developed from playing and coaching the sport over the years.  Having been a high school coach in Delaware since 2002, I am also proud to have contributed, even just a little, to the growth of lacrosse in our state.  

3. What do you think you can bring to the lacrosse program, especially camps, clinics, and showcases?

I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with the talented team at BPG Sports. The potential for producing quality lacrosse programs at the 76ers Field House - among them camps, clinics and showcases for athletes eager to gain exposure for college recruitment purposes - is something that I hope to have a positive impact towards.  I hope to put my stamp on programs that players can count on as safe, unique, and fun. 

4. What are your goals for the athletes that attend our camps, clinics, and showcases?

My goal for athletes attending our events is for them to leave with an added level of confidence and joy for the sport.  We would hope they’d recommend our programs to others and wish to come back again themselves.

5. How do you feel about the facility the 76ers Fieldhouse provides?

The sky is the limit for the 76ers Fieldhouse. The facility provides all participants quality programs within a safe, cutting edge sports training environment.  

6. Outside of Lacrosse, what do you do for enjoyment?

I enjoy spending time with my wife, three children, and Golden Retriever. I enjoy golf and backyard games when we have the time.