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How fast is VR technology evolving?

By Holly Quinn , 04/23/19, 7:00AM EDT


Unified Web Media founder Larry Strange created the virtual tour of the 76ers Fieldhouse with tech that wasn't available just six months before.

The VR business changes quickly. Really quickly.

“It’s a little bit of a rodeo,” said Larry Strange, founder of Unified Web Media, makers of the 76ers Fieldhouse virtual reality tour.

The Wilmington company offers virtual tours, drone work and 360 panoramas — all things that are evolving almost by the minute.

“There’s a progression, if you look at my projects from last year to now” said Strange, who started Unified Web Media just last summer. “The tools that I used six months ago ago are much different from the tools that I’m using now, not just because I’m spending more money for better stuff, but because I’m able to access hardware and software that just didn’t exist.”