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lacrosse clinics and PDPS

BPG|SPORTS Presents: Lacrosse Small Group Supplemental Training - Spring 2019

Strengthened by Titus Sports Performance

These sessions will be position focused and capped at a 12-player maximum per session to ensure personal attention and development. We are excited to partner with Titus Sports Performance to provide a holistic approach to your supplemental lacrosse training by developing skills as well as athleticism and durability. The first hour of these two-hour sessions are designed specifically to provide a high intensity, high repetition environment with creative drills that will challenge players to become better players. The second hour will consist of Titus run lacrosse specific training to develop speed, agility and coordination that will be held in their fully outfitted training space at the 76ers Fieldhouse. These sessions are open to players of all skill levels and positions!

There are two spring sessions to choose from. Each of these sessions will include FOUR 2-hour training sessions. All training will take place at the 76ers Fieldhouse. 

If there are more than 12 registrations per group, we will form an additional group however, there are a limited number of groups that will be able to form, if interested, please sign up quickly. 


Offensive Training Sessions
Offensive training will be comprised of drills that focus on the development of stick skills, shooting, finishing, dodging and offensive IQ. These trainings are not limited to attackmen and midfielders, defenders are also welcome to join.


Defensive Training Sessions
Defensive training will be comprised of drills which shift focus to on and off ball positioning, communications, footwork, stick skills, communication and defensive IQ. Defensive sessions are not limited to defensive players, attackmen and midfielders are welcome to join.


Age Groups
5-6th Grade Boys & Girls
7th-8th Grade Boys & Girls



Session 1: Offense

Sundays: Indoor Field
12pm - 2pm 5th-6th grade boys
1pm - 3pm 5th-6th grade girls
2pm - 4pm 7th - 8th grade boys
3pm - 5pm 7th - 8th grade Girls

4/7/19-5/5/19 (No training on Easter Sunday 4/27/19)


Session 2: Defense

Mondays: Outdoor Field
6pm - 8pm 5th-6th grade boys

Wednesdays: Outdoor Field
6pm - 8pm 5th - 6th grade girls

Sundays: Indoor Field

12pm - 2pm 7th - 8th grade boys

1pm-3pm 7th - 8th grade girls